best country to manufacture jewelry


Best country to manufacture jewelry

What is jewelry?

Jewelry is a type of metallic material made of metal ornaments. People are naturally social and beautiful. Likewise, he is busy in presenting his beauty or beauty in a more beautiful way. Best country to manufacture jewelry. Jewelry is one of the precious metal objects that humans use to make this beautiful look more attractive and special.

Women are mostly jewelry users. However, in the modern world, women as well as men in general have increased tendency to use jewelry. In ancient times, kings used expensive jewelry with their royal garments.

best country to manufacture jewelry
best country to manufacture jewelry

For thousands of years, people have increased the beauty of various ornaments. However, women are more attracted to jewelry than men. Let’s name the most expensive jewelry in the world.

  • Pink Diamond

A famous jeweler. Light pink color diamond is used in it. The price is $ 8.5.

  • Heart of the Asian:- In Titanic, the heroine Rose was seen wearing this rate. It costs $ 20 million.
  • Mary Antoinette Necklace:- This necklace has two rare yellow diamonds and a pink diamond. It’s worth $ 1.5 million.
  • Harry Winston Diamond Drop Earring. It was created in 20 years. It costs $ 1.5 million.
  • Queen Mary Jose Emerald and Diamond Necklace\Queen Mary Jose is the last queen of Italy. The ring was named after him. It is one of the most expensive jewelry in the world. However, its exact value has not been disclosed anywhere.
  • Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring :- Dark diamond blue colored diamonds have been used. It costs $ 1.5 million.
  • The Perfect Pink :- Its color, cutting and transparency have increased its price. It cost $ 25.2 million.
  • Broccoli Diamond Necklace:- It is one of the most famous jewelry made with 1.5 carat diamond. The cost will be some $ 1 million.
  • Sapphire Ring of Princess Diana : This ring was worn by Princess Diana. The ring is named after the Sapphire Ring of Princess Diana. It costs $ 5.7.
  • The Arenas : This is Vivid Orange Diamond. It costs $ 1 million.

best country to manufacture jewelry

The importance of jewelry in the economy is immense. People buy gold against the dollar have a strong role in the economy.

What kind of jewelry

925 silver ring price
925 silver ring price

Jewelry is actually a variety.

* Necklaces, bangles, rings, pendants, nosebleeds, paisley, tickle, locket, waist necklace etc. The uniqueness of the jewelry use of different ethnic groups is noticeable.
1. Diamonds, 2. Gold, 3. Silver, 4. Copper, 5. Bronze, 6. Jewelry made of stone
7. Wood and, 8. Jewelry of burnt ground.

Who uses jewelry

Jewelry is commonly used by women for decoration. Different ages, such as children, adolescent, young, female, old. Women use jewelry in their cheeky hands, ears, nose, fingers, waist, legs, head / hair. But men are also using jewelry in the fingers, neck, hands, feet, ears.
Which is the most used jewelry? The most popular jewelry on earth was gold. The jewelry made by the very recent Silver is more noticed. This jewelry is low cost and safe to use.

Top country to manufacture jewelry

The highest jewelry user country

China is at the top of buying and selling gold jewelry. A total of 12.3 metric tons of gold jewelry are available to the citizens of this country. According to data from US management firm McKinney & Company, China will occupy about 8 percent of the global luxury market by 2021.

The country has around 1.2 metric tons of gold jewelry. Gold was donated to various temples in southern India. At the Palisade festival Enchanters also is buying gold jewelry. In India, there is a tradition of wearing gold jewelry at weddings.

United States

There is also a huge demand for gold jewelry among US citizens. A total of 1.2 metric tons of gold jewelry is available to US citizens.

United Arab Emirates

There are 4 gold jewelry stores in Dubai alone. There are 1.2 metric tons of gold jewelry available to the citizens of the UAE. According to a study by Italy’s Trade Commission, the demand for gold in the UAE is increasing.

User country to jewelry

According to the World Gold Council, the demand for gold in Iran has increased by 25 percent in the last four years. Iran has a total of 1.5 metric tons of jewelry.

The citizens of Turkey have 1.7 metric tons of gold. After the creation of a metal market in this country, demand was created among the citizens. Most of the gold is deposited in the central bank of the country.

Saudi Arabia

The citizens of Saudi Arabia have 1.5 metric tons of gold jewelry. Jewelry is more preferred to them than gold butts.

Indonesia has one of the world’s largest gold mines. Citizens of the country have 1.2 metric tons of gold.

In the last few years, jewelry made of yellow metal has not been low in the Russian Central Bank. Russia’s citizens had 1.2 metric tons of gold in 20 years.

Gold ornaments are also believed to have been found on a map made by the papyrus dating back to 400 BC. To the citizens of Egypt, all together 26.5 metric tons of gold.

best country to manufacture jewelry

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