Black Mouth Mask


Black Mouth Mask

The mask is a small piece of cloth that covers a person’s face and nose. A very essential product at the present time. Cleansing from excess air pollution helps people breathe. However, more recently, people have been using it as an additional warning as the corona virus has spread worldwide. As a result, prices have increased a few times. In many countries the stock has run out. Order has increased in online markets.

History of the mask

The Mask is a comic book series created by Doug Manlike and John Arcadia and published by Dark Horse Comics. Its artists include Mark Badger, Chris Warner and Keith Williams. It tells the story of a supernatural mask that allows the wearer’s powers in exchange for their discretion, and it creates inevitable chaos. The original trilogy for The Mask, The Mask Returns and The Mask Strikes Back was published as a limited series from 1 to 5, and was then expanded to various spin-offs and other media. The series is known for its dark tones and graphic violence.

In all versions, the story revolves primarily around a magical mask that leans on its wearable real-twisting power and changing looks, characterized by a huge set of teeth and a green head. The mask affects the wearer’s personality by removing all social and moral barriers, making the wearer go crazy. This character was inspired by the combination of the Joker and Steve Ditko’s Lata version, as well as by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In the original comics, the characters who wore masks would become the worst of the most brutal or murderous, vengeful villains with super-violent tendencies, even if it wasn’t the wearer’s original intent. In the 1994 film and animated series made in 1994, the mask was identified as just as dangerous as its wearer, and the main character, Stanley Kiss, was shown to be a naughty but overlooked superhero.

The title of the comic book refers mainly to the mask, and not to the character published. In the early stories the character was known as the Big Head; Until the movie and television series, this character became known as The Mask.

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