Crescent Moon Pendant Necklaces


Crescent Moon Pendant Necklaces

Necklace is one of the popular jewelry. It is used to develop the beauty of women. Fashion-conscious women like necklaces more than chad.
A Lunula (plural: Lunuli) was a crescent moon-shaped pendant worn by girls in ancient Rome. Girls are ideally wearing them as an apoptotic amulet, the boy’s bullar equivalent. In public opinion the Romans would usually wear amulets as amulets to protect them from evil forces, demons and sorcery, especially against evil eyes.

Crescent Moon Pendant Necklaces
Crescent Moon Pendant Necklaces

In Plattus’ play, Epicurus asked the young woman Telstis: “Don’t you remember that on your birthday you brought a gold lanula for you and some gold ring for your finger?” Seville’s Isidore provides a clear definition: “Lunuli is a female ornament rather than the moon, a little hanging gold bay.” However, in Palatal’s play, Ru dense Pastoral says that his father gave him a gold bullet on the day he was born. Here are some more indications that children of both sexes were wearing phallic amulets.

Crescent Moon Pendant Necklaces
Crescent Moon Pendant Necklaces

History of jewelry

Jewelry is a type of metallic material made of metal ornaments. People are naturally social and beautiful. Likewise, he is busy in presenting his beauty or beauty in a more beautiful way. Jewelry is one of the precious metal objects that humans use to make this beautiful look more attractive and special.

Women are mostly jewelry users. However, in the modern world, women as well as men in general have increased tendency to use jewelry. In ancient times, kings used expensive jewelry with their royal garments.

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For thousands of years, people have increased the beauty of various ornaments. However, women are more attracted to jewelry than men. Let’s name the most expensive jewelry in the world.

  1. Pink Diamond

A famous jeweler. Light pink color diamond is used in it. The price is $ 8.5.

  1. Heart of the Asian

In Titanic, the heroine Rose was seen wearing this rate. It costs $ 20 million.

  1. Mary Antoinette Necklace

This necklace has two rare yellow diamonds and a pink diamond. It’s worth $ 1.5 million.
4. Harry Winston Diamond Drop Earring

It was created in 20 years. It costs $ 1.5 million.

  1. Queen Mary Jose Emerald and Diamond Necklace\Queen Mary Jose is the last queen of Italy. The ring was named after him. It is one of the most expensive jewelry in the world. However, its exact value has not been disclosed anywhere.

6. Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring

Dark diamond blue colored diamonds have been used. It costs $ 1.5 million.

  1. The Perfect Pink

Its color, cutting and transparency have increased its price. It cost $ 25.2 million.
8. Broccoli Diamond Necklace:

It is one of the most famous jewelry made with 1.5 carat diamond. The cost will be some $ 1 million.

  1. Sapphire Ring of Princess Diana

This ring was worn by Princess Diana. The ring is named after the Sapphire Ring of Princess Diana. It costs $ 5.7.

  1. The Arenas

This is Vivid Orange Diamond. It costs $ 1 million.

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