Sex Spray Men


Sex Spray Men

OIL Male Delay Spray Prevent Premature Ejaculation Retarded Ejaculation Sex Spray Men

Adult Sex toys men


long lasting spray side effects

Effect:Delay discharge, forestall untimely discharge, appreciate the sexual coexistence.


shower over the glans penis and coronary sulcus with This item 30 minutes before sexual intercourse,then spread evenly.1 piece for 1 time,According to individual conditions in addition to.


  • not spread urinary meatus.
  • 2.Please wash with warm water if any distress in the wake of cleaning.
  • 3.This item can’t be utilized on skin with rash, abrased wound or unfavorably susceptible skin.
  • 4.The man in the room before proposed to genital launder, generally will influence item utilize impact because of soil and lead with the impact not lovely.
  • bundle included:

1/10pcs ×god oil wipe

Protection Guaranteed:

Your protection is the most extreme significance to us. The default name on the bundle for this item is “Fix Tools”(any different necessities, kindly send us a message), and with our watchful bundling you can shop in certainty, the main individual who comprehends what’s inside the bundle is you!

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Sex Spray Men
Sex Spray Men
Sex Spray Men
Sex Spray Men
Sex Spray Men
Sex Spray Men


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