The best 10 brands Lipstick


The best 10 brands Lipstick in the world


A very important part of the human body is the lips. This is a part of the scene. The lips play a key role in the appearance of the human face. The lips are soft. It helps in food intake. Lips play a role in the pronunciation of words to speak. This is the most sensitive part. Lips are used for kissing intimacy and other activities.


What is work with lips:-

Lip talk, open and close while eating the food. The most moving lips of the body after the eyelids. We also express our mind through lip movements. During the winter season, people’s lips are dry. Extra cold lip bursts. This is why the lips have to take special care at this time. Because it causes lip loss when it burst. Speaking of which, it is very difficult to get food. Lips are often seen as a symbol of sex.


In many cultures of the world, the lips of women are given special prominence because. It depicts the beauty of women as well as the appearance of beauty. The lips also use the language of protest as part of the mouth. People have feelings of good, good or bad. Babies use both of these lips early in life to breastfeed their mothers. That is how the food survives by consuming it.

Because of the dryness of the winter, the lips become extra dry. This is why both men and women use lipstick cosmetics this time. Sometimes it is lip piercing or lip enhancement for cosmetic reasons. Products designed for lip use include lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm.

There are many types of lipsticks available in the market. Women take care of lips even in hot weather. Using lipstick of different colors. In winter this use is multiplied. Because the weather is dry during this season. That’s why more lipstick cosmetics are used in lip care at this time. Men use lipstick. Also uses glycerin. In addition to these uses in women, the tendency to use lipstick is more noticeable. It has a secure lip on one side. On the other hand it enhances the attractiveness of the face. We now know about the top 10 lipstick brands in the world. lipstick history


The best 10 brands Lipstick in the world

10. Guerlain

9. Bobby Brown

8. Sonia Kashuk



5. Lancome

4. Makeup Forever

3. Estee Lauder

2. Chanel  & 1. MAC

Above all, the aesthetically pleasing young women love the band’s lipstick.

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