The Dress


The Dress

There is no alternative to clothing to cover the human body. The dress protects the human body from the extra light and cold air, as it helps to cover the body. The dress is not just used to cover the body, It provides us security. Protects against any harmful substances, insect spiders.

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Discover Dress

There is a lot of debate between the inventor of the dress and the scientists over time. However, it is thought that the dress originated in the world 170,000 years ago.

In ancient times, when people did not discover clothes, they covered the body with leaves, animal skin. When they collected food from animal hunting or from the forest, tigers wore special clothing made from deer skin. Besides, They used it to cover their genitals.

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Over time, people have become civilized. The yarn was first discovered. And clothes from it. Thus clothes have been discovered in phases. These clothes were made by the people for their intelligence and made them into clothes. Learned to make clothes that fit with the human body. Those who are engaged in this work are called Taylor’s craftsman. Gradually it has become an industry. Garments made. Many garments are being made every day from numerous garments in different countries.




Women, men, children, men of all ages use the dress. Uses dresses of different designs at home and outside. The dress is different as the season is different. Besides, the design of the garment is different with the culture of different ethnic groups of the world.
People of different countries have different taste preferences. It also comes out great in the dress. In conjunction with the weather, some are tall, some small, medium, some use very short dress. There is so much diversity in the use of women’s clothing on earth.

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The following is a list of the top 10 in the world’s garment exporter.

  1. China: China is the world’s 1st garment exporting country. They earn $ 266.41 billion from this sector every year.
  1. Germany: Textile and clothing industry of Germany has a long history of manufacturing and flexibility. Germany is one of the biggest exporters of knitted apparel cloth, man made fiber, synthetic yarn, and machinery with the export value of $38.99 Billion.
  1. Bangladesh: Bangladesh has emerged as the 3rd largest garment exporter in the world. Bangladesh is a small country. But recently the country has been playing a big role in making high quality clothes. The country is a leading textile exporter with a turnover of $ 38.73 Billion.
  1. Vietnam: With an export turnover of $37.93 Billion, Vietnam is the top 4th global exporters of textile and apparel.
  1. India:High-cost products add cost pressure on the value chain, making yarn, fabric and apparel exports less competitive. India stands at 5th largest countries with an export turnover of $37.11 Billion.
  1. Italy: Italian textile industry is strongly export-oriented with an export value of $ 36.57 Billion. Industry shows a more solid production structure with innovative technologies.
  1. Turkey: The export value of Turkey textile industry has reached a value of $ 27.56 Billion. Turkey is booming the textile and apparel industry with amazing design capacity.
  1. United State of America: The United States is the 8th largest textile exporter with the exported value of $27.14 Billion.
  1. Hong-Kong, China: Hong-Kong is the 9th largest textile and apparel exporter of the world, With the exported value of $20.43 Billion.
  1. Spain: Spain’s Textile trade and creation have also made it a prime area for fashion. Spain is the 10th largest exporter with a value of $20.20 Billion.

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Value of the leading top 10 country textile importers worldwide.

  • European Union 77%
  • United States 30%
  • China 18%
  • Vietnam 18%
  • Bangladesh 11%
  • Japan 9%
  • Hong Kong, China 7%
  • Indonesia 7%
  • Mexico 7%
  • Turkey 6%

Finally, let me conclude today that dress is an important element of civilization. However, the variation in its use is gradual. In some countries, women’s clothing is very short. There are still ethnic groups in the world who do not use traditional clothing. I wish that this essential element of civilization will continue to be worn until the last days of the earth.


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