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World best 10 laptop


Computer is an electronic device. The machine is called the computer, which is able to solve a problem very quickly and accurately in the presence of electricity and in a systematic order. Charles Babbage, a British mathematics expert, outlines modern computers. He plans to invent an analytical machine in the 1833th. Based on his plan, Tommy Flowers and Ellen Tarring, along with other scientists, created Clossus Computer in the 1943th.

What kind of computer?

Computers based on data processing are of 3 types.

  1. Analog computer
  2. Digital computer
  3. Hybrid computer

There are four types of computer based on size and power.

  1. Super computer
  2. Mainframe Computer
  3. Mini Computer
  4. Microcomputer


Modern technology is constantly being studied with computers. Over time, computers are becoming more and more capable, capable of multiple functions. With the invention of new machines, computers are getting smaller and smaller. Laptops are just part of theĀ  continuation.


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What is Laptop?

Lap money means hats and top money. Laptops are made by connecting all the devices on a computer to a single device. This makes it easy to carry while traveling from one place to another by hanging it over the shoulder in a bag.

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Laptop can be easily stored on all the information needed by the people. Mouse, keyboard, webcam, speaker, monitor, DVD driver, Projector port, USB port charger is inserted on a personal laptop. Which has the advantage of doing all kinds of work in one. Also, Internet WiFi connection is easily available.

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We will now focus on the best 10 brands in the world.

  1. HP
  2. Asus
  3. Dell
  4. Alienware
  5. Lenovo
  6. Razer
  7. Acer
  8. Microsoft
  9. Huawei
  10. Apple


Finally, it is said that the use of laptops has increased in the world. People are more interested in using laptops because of the easy access to computers. That’s why the world’s most renowned companies have emphasized the production of laptops.

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