Top ten Camera Brand


Top ten Camera Brand

Types of digital cameras

Camera is a very important digital device. The demand for digital cameras is huge. In this case mobile digital cameras are on the list of people’s first choice. But the demand for the camera has not diminished. Today we will tell you about the top 10 camera brands in the world.

There is no camera option for taking pictures of people or animals. Currently camera usage has increased manifold. Especially the use of mobile cameras is eye-catching. Pictures are needed for various tasks, including dancing with people. The camera needs to be photographed. There is no option to take pictures without a camera. Need to create national ID, passport, official ID card, student card picture.


A camera is an optical device used to record images. In their early stages, cameras have sealed boxes (camera bodies) with small holes (apertures) that allow them to capture an image on a photosensitive surface (usually a photographic film or digital sensor). The camera has different mechanisms for controlling how light falls on a light-sensitive surface. As the lens focuses on the light entering the camera, the size of the aperture can be widened or narrowed to allow more or less light to come into the camera, and a shutter mechanism determines when the photo-sensitive surface is exposed to light.


Steel image cameras can be reproduced later as the main materials of the photography industry and as part of photography photography, digital imaging, photographic printing process. Similar artistic areas of the moving image camera domain are film, video graphy, and cinematography.

Important parts of the camera are special:

1. Control of exposure
2. Aperture
3. Shutter
4. Metering
5. Exposure and rendering
6. Lens
7. Focus
8. Auto focus
9. Capture the image in the film
10. The speed of the film
11. White balance
12. Camera Accessories

camera brands list


Top ten Camera brand.

1. Canon
2. Nikon
3. Sony
4. Olympus
5. Panasonic
6. Casio
7. Pentax
8. Samsung
9. Ricoh
10.  Red

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