What is Valentine’s Day and why?

The whole world celebrates the valentine day on February 14 of the year.

But why?

There was a Christian pastor and physician named St. Valentine’s in Rome, Italy. It was 269 years. The then Roman emperor was imprisoned on charges of propagating him. For many years the preaching of Christianity was forbidden in Rome.


While in captivity, he healed a visually impaired girl with medical care. This increased the popularity of St. Valentine. But the king of Rome was enraged over him. He was executed by Roman Emperor II Credius. That day was February 14th. World Day of Love is celebrated on the basis of this day.


In the following 496 year, Pote St. Gelasio also announced Valentine’s Day on February 14 in memory of St. Julius St. Valentine. There are many such days in Christendom for the remembrance and action of the pastor’s children. In the West, birthday celebrations and ceremonies are the mainstay of consumption.

Therefore, they do not complain about drinking alcohol inside the church. On Valentine’s Day the French Valentine’s Day was banned in 1776 because of the loss of Christian Valentine’s Day. In England, the ruling Puritans once even officially banned the celebration. In addition, the day was canceled at various times in Austria, Hungary and Germany. Recently, the courts of the country banned Valentine’s celebrations in Pakistan as well as being anti-Islam in the 2017.

At present, the festival is celebrated in the West with great pride. About half of the total population in the UK spends around £ 10 million to buy cards, flowers, chocolates, other gift cards and greetings cards for this Love Day, and an estimated 2.5 million greeting cards are exchanged.


Nowadays, (valentine day 2020) the business has also expanded with the focus of the day. These days, people give gifts to their loved ones in addition to cards. Therefore, it sells more goods than other days, including clothing, watches, jewelry.

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