Female Hat


Female Hat

What is Hat

A hat is like a hat that covers the heads of women and men. Women wear these hats during the winter. It looks beautiful in them. People use hats to protect the head due to weather conditions. Especially during the winter. In severe winter people use hats to get warm feeling.

Who is User Hat

People of all ages actually use hats. However, children can be seen using a little more hats at this time. Because they can attack many diseases, including pneumonia, in the cold. Elders who have allergies to colds, asthma or respiratory diseases can be seen using hats to cover the head to protect them from excess cold. Besides, those who drive a motorcycle are more cold. Their hats do a great job. People working in police, army, navy, military branches use different types of hats. Besides, people of the Muslim religion wear special hats. It makes them a religious feature. Workers also use different types of hats at work.

Female Hat
Female Hat

Hat Discover History

Especially in the cold, when the air is cold, it feels more cold. There are special hats available in the market, which give a warm feeling from winter as well as ear to our head.
The followers of the Sikh religion wear special hats. By which the hair of their head is completely covered. Some hats have religious functions like bishops wearing miters

Female Hat
Female Hat

and turban dressed by Sikhs. Although there is no official record of hats before 5.4 BCE, it was probably common before that.

Female Hat
Female hat

The Willen dorff  statue depicts a woman wearing a knit hat in Venice between the ages of 27,000 and 30,000.
One of the earliest confirmed caps was a Bronze Age man (whose name was Tatties), whose body (with his hat) was found frozen in a mountain in the middle of Austria and Italy, where he had been since 125 BC.

He was found wearing a bearskin hat with a chimney strap, made of multiple stripes stitched together, essentially resembling a Russian beast hat with no flash.

Last we can say, not only during the winter, hat is used during the game of cricket, various games including badminton. Both men and women love to use this hat. This is especially acute in action.

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