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Women Panties

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Short pants are national clothing called panties. Panties basically covers the genitalia of women. We can say in simple terms that short dresses cover women in secret. Men’s concealed clothing is a little bigger than women’s genitalia. That’s why the men’s clothing is called underwear.



Panty (in American English, also called pants, Andes or Nickers in British English) is a form of lingerie worn mainly by women. Panties can be form-fitting or loose. Common ingredients include an elastic waistband, a crutch panel to cover the genitalia (usually lined with absorbent material such as cotton) and a pair of legs that are often elastic, such as the waistband. Different materials are used, but are usually chosen for inhalation.


In the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and occasionally other Commonwealth countries such as Australia and New Zealand, panties can be identified as “Undies” or “Nickers”; “Knickers” can also refer to male lingerie, while “panty” usually refers to female lingerie. panties meaning


Both men and women wear these pantyhose. People of all ages wear it. However, older adults use panty more. Women are wearing these pants when sleeping, dusting the game. In addition, many people use it when going to sea in the morning. Panties are used while swimming in the swimming pool. This word is rarely used in the United States and Canada, where the word “panty” is generally favored. Boys shorts are styled after men’s boxing briefs and have short legs underneath the crutches.

The overview is at the waist or just below the navel and has full coverage behind it.
The thongs have a waistband similar to that of the tangos but the rear coverage is mostly cut off. The crutch extends behind the wearer and a narrow strip of fabric fits into the buttocks, becoming more spacious at the top.


Panty is made of a variety of ingredients, including cotton, lace, pillow, leather, Lycra, mesh, nylon, PVC, polyester, rawhide, satin and silk. The construction usually consists of two pieces (front and rear) that are attached to the crutches and side seams; Made with waistband and leg open elastic, an extra gusset is often in the crutch.

Last we can say Panties is a thin soft cotton cloth special. It is worn by men and women under extra large clothing (under the waist) as extra clothes. They are now widely available in the online market.

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